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OHCHR 1503 Procedure

    The 1503 Procedure of the Commission on Human Rights Introduction . The procedure before the Commission on Human Rights, called the 1503 procedure after the resolution of the Economic and Social Council whereby it was established, [14] is the oldest human rights complaint mechanism in the United Nations system. Under this procedure the Commission, a political body composed of State representatives, generally deals with situations in countries rather than individual complaints.

Complaint Procedure

    The complaint procedure, also known as “procedure 1503”, is a universal mechanism bearing the number of the resolution by the former UN Commission on Human Rights which established it. The procedure is confidential and examines the human rights situation within a State.

SVAW - International Law: United Nations System

    The 1503 Procedure, however, applies broadly to any country in the world, not only UN members. The 1503 Procedure, as amended in 2000, allows the complaints to remain confidential, unless the national government indicates that they should be made public. At the same time, the 1503 procedure allows the authors of a complaint to have their names deleted and identities not revealed to the government.

Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure - OHCHR

    The complaint procedure addresses communications submitted by individuals, groups, or non-governmental organizations that claim to be victims of human rights violations or that have direct, reliable knowledge of such violations. Like the former 1503 procedure, it is confidential, with a view to enhance cooperation with the State concerned.


    The complaint under the 1503 Procedure is confidential until the final stage of its examination as mentioned above. The confidential feature of the 1503 Procedure functions in two ways as follows: 1) The confidentiality of this 1503 Procedure keeps other human rights mechanisms away from this procedure.

Complaint Procedure - ISHR

    The procedure applied to all countries, irrespective of whether they voted for the 1503 resolution 4 or their ratifications of human rights treaties 5. The 1503 procedure was confidential and the Commission considered ‘situations’ in countries that come up under the procedure in a closed meeting.

(DOC) The 1503 Procedure of the Commission on Human Rights ...

    The 1503 Procedure of the Commission on Human Rights Introduction The procedure before the Commission on Human Rights, called the 1503 procedure after the resolution of the Economic and Social Council whereby it was established, [14] is the oldest human rights complaint …

49 CFR § 1503.801 - Formal complaints. CFR US Law ...

    (e) TSA will refer any complaint against a member of the Armed Forces of the United States acting in the performance of official duties to the Secretary of the Department concerned in accordance with the procedures set forth in § 1503.407. (f) The person named in the complaint must file an answer within 20 days after service of a copy of the complaint.

Complaints to the UN State Library of NSW

    Complaints are confidential – in fact, the new complaint procedure retains many features of the old 1503 procedure. The complainant (s) must have direct or reliable knowledge (eg, victims, or a non-governmental organisation). The procedure does not lead to a direct remedy to the complainant (s), but is more systematic in its focus.

49 CFR § 1503.609 - Complaint. CFR US Law LII ...

    § 1503.609 Complaint. (a) Filing. The agency attorney must file the complaint with the Enforcement Docket Clerk in accordance with § 1503.429, or may file a written motion pursuant to § 1503.629(f)(2)(i) instead of filing a complaint, not later than 30 days after receipt by the agency attorney of …

Procedure for Handling of Customer Complaints. – TRACE ...

    Jan 26, 2019 · 1. SCOPE The scope of this procedure is applicable to all customer orders and customer related processes. 2. PURPOSE To define the methods for documenting and resolving Customer complaints/concerns and to ensure that customer complaint is handled effectively. 3. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS 3.1 XXX Quality Manual, 3.2Customer Related Processes. 3.3 Procedure for …

100 GENERAL POLICIES - Department of Human Services

    Grievance Procedure for Unclassified Employees Att. #1 - Grievance Notice Att. #2 - Unclassified Service Grievance Form Att. #3 - Unclassified Service Grievance Group Roster 1503 . Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Procedure Att. #1 - Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form 1504 . Process for Review of Written Reprimands . Page 11

Human Rights Council Complaint Procedure A Conscientious ...

    The Complaint Procedure was introduced by resolution 5/1 of the Human Rights Council - UN Human Rights Council: Institution Building – from 18 June 2007, and replaces the former 1503 procedure. 1. Likely results from use of mechanism

EPAAR Part 1503--Improper Business Practices and Personal ...

    Subpart 1503.9--Whistleblower Protections for Contractor Employees 1503.905 Procedures for investigating complaints. The Assistant Administrator for the Office of Administration and Resources Management is designated as the recipient of the written report of findings by the Inspector General.

United Nations Repsonse to Gross Violations of Human ...

    PROCEDURE The system of ECOSOC resolution 1503 encompasses the widest scope of international complaint procedures in the human rights sphere, from three essential viewpoints.


    The complaint procedure for unclassified employees is established to provide eligible employees with an orderly process for reviewing allegations of unfavorable employment decisions or conditions in a timely manner. Unclassified employees eligible to file a complaint may do so without fear of unlawful discrimi-


    complaint under this procedure and pursue the same complaint with any external enforcement agency such as the Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity. FILING OF 1. Employees are encouraged to discuss and seek COMPLAINT resolution to complaint issues with their supervisor prior to filing a formal complaint…

How To Complain About Human Rights Treaty Violations

    Dec 22, 2000 · Similar considerations to the relative usefulness of the ECOSOC 1503 procedure apply in weighing the usefulness of the CSW procedure as against the CEDAW Optional Protocol, or the other treaty body complaints procedures which relate to women's rights.

United Nations Human Rights Committee - Wikipedia

    The United Nations Human Rights Committee is a United Nations body of 18 experts established by a human rights treaty, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The Committee meets for three four-week sessions per year to consider the five-yearly reports submitted by the 172 States parties to the ICCPR on their compliance with the treaty, and any individual petitions ...

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