2009 Life And Annuity Complaint Index

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IDOI: Company Complaint Index - IN.gov

    The Complaint Index Ratio Table shows consumer complaints filed with the Department of Insurance in 2001 - 2018, weighted by premium received by the insurance company. A Complaint Index Ratio Table is available for Health Carriers, Life, Annuity, Auto and Homeowners. The table uses the amount of ...

Annuity Number of Complaint

    Annuity 2009 Complaint Index Number of Complaint NAIC # Company Name Premium Complaints Index 1 90611 Allianz Life Ins Co Of N Amer 134,253,214 6 2.76 2 60186 Allstate Life Ins Co 13,319,529 2 9.28 3 92738 American Equity Invest Life Ins Co 89,183,325 2 1.39 4 60631 American Investors Life Insurance Company, Inc. None 1 DNC

Consumer Complaint Index - Missouri

    ATHENE ANNUITY AND LIFE COMPANY. 2009 Complaint Index. Accident and Health Insurance. An index of 100 is considered average. Average Premium ... $57,394: 0.00%: 0: 0: Market Total: $6,913,270,048: 100.00%: 3,720: ATHENE ANNUITY AND LIFE COMPANY. 2009 Complaint Index. Life Insurance. An index of 100 is considered average. Average Premium Market ...

Company/Agent Search Missouri Department of Insurance ...

    Complaint Index. This company does not have any complaint information. Link to Complaint Index Page Company Changes. Effective Date: 12/31/2009. Comments: Nationwide Life & Annuity Co. of America merged with and into Nationwide Life and Annuity Insurance Co. Effective Date: 12/01/2002

Variable Annuity Complaints: Fees, Charges & Death Benefits

    Variable Annuity Lifetime Income Riders. As oppose to a life insurance rider that provides a potentially higher contract value at death, this living benefit provides a guaranteed income stream to the annuity owner for a predetermined period of time – usually life. In this way, there are two values at play.

AnnuityF: Allianz Complaints Annuity

    Compliance Guide - Allianz Life Regulatory or client complaints In the event a complaint is received, you are required to Allianz will reject annuity applications and life insurance policies if the source of the premium is proceeds from the sources listed above. ...

A split decision in Allianz Life annuity lawsuit ...

    A split decision in Allianz Life annuity lawsuit. ... according to the complaint. Many buyers of the annuities were older. ... a website that tracks the index annuity market. "The brochures they ...

Bankers Life (annuity) - Trying to collect Review 186442 ...

    My mother had an annuity with Bankers Life. She died on March 20, 2008. Trying to collect has been an endurance test and night mare beyond description. I have made many calls, written numerous letters, sent faxes, and FINALLY on April 4, 2009, I collected the final payment. Fortunately, I didnAuthor: Patricia Eidschun

Indexed Annuity Complaints Down Again for 2009 - Wink

    For anyone who thinks that indexed annuity complaints are a problem, I’ve got news for you…THEY ARE MINISCULE! I am very happy to report that indexed annuity complaints were down again for 2009. See data below from the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s Closed Complaint Database: TOTAL INDEXED ANNUITY COMPLAINTS FOR 2006: 187 TOTAL INDEXED …

Illinois Consumer Life Insurance & Annuities

    Life Insurance & Annuities Information . ... A variation of a fixed annuity in which the interest rate is based on an outside index, such as a stock market index. The annuity pays a base return, but it may be higher if the index increases. ... they must give you a copy of a "Notice Regarding the Replacement of Life Insurance or Annuity."

Terms and Marketing of Annuity Insufficient to Support ...

    The Annuity also included a premium bonus whereby Equitrust added 10% of the premiums paid in the first year. In 2009, Harrington brought a putative class action against Equitrust (Harrington v. EquiTrust Life Ins. Co., 2015 U.S. App. LEXIS 2717) for violations of RICO and Arizona law. After Harrington filed a motion for class certification ...

An Annuity You Really Should Avoid - Kiplinger

    Sep 01, 2010 · An Annuity You Really Should Avoid. ... Most equity-indexed annuity contracts promise that you will never lose money, even if the market index declines. ... as it did in 2009…

Top 98 Reviews about Allianz Life Annuities

    Ridiculous Surrender Charges That Were Never Addressed: I purchased the Allianz Index 500 fund from a smooth talking representative who promised aggressive long-term growth. A year after selling ...1.7/5(98)

2003 Complaint Index Annuity - IN.gov

    2003 Complaint Index Annuity Number of Complaint NAIC # Company Name Premium Complaints Index 1 70432 AIG Annuity Ins Co 269,022,453 1 0.26 2 60186 Allstate Life Ins Co 23,006,533 1 3.08 3 92738 American Equity Invest Life Ins Co 37,404,965 1 1.90 4 94471 …

Arizona residents claim fraud on EquiTrust annuity ...

    Jan 26, 2009 · The complaint, filed Jan. 12, claims EquiTrust Life Insurance Co. sold an annuities package that matured after the policyholder’s 105th birthday, thereby protecting the firm from risk, while ...Author: Chris Casacchia

What are indexed annuities Fidelity

    Oct 11, 2019 · Most indexed annuities that have a participation rate also have a cap, which in this example would limit the credited return to 3% instead of 6.4%. Spread/margin/asset fee, which is a percentage fee that may be subtracted from the gain in the index linked to the annuity. For example, if an index gained 12% and the spread fee was 4%, then the ...

Indexed Annuity Complaints Plummet ...

    But over the last four years, indexed annuity complaints dropped dramatically. In 2011 there was one indexed annuity complaint for every $660 million of premium. Total indexed annuity closed-customer complaints against carriers offering indexed annuities in 2011 …

Complaint Index Annuity Naic Company Name Aig Sun America ...

    Mar 19, 2009 · Complaint Index Annuity Naic Company Name Aig Sun America Life Assur 1. 2002 Complaint Index Annuity Number of Complaint NAIC # Company Name Premium Complaints Index 1 60941 AIG SunAmerica Life Assur Co 24,155,197 1 2.47 2 90611 Allianz Life Ins Co Of North Amer 143,969,916 4 1.66 3 60631 American Investors Life Ins Co 24,882,203 1 2.40 4 86630 American …

AnnuityF: Thrivent Annuity Complaints

    May 16, 2014 · Thrivent Annuity Complaints HUMAN RESOURCES & EMPLOYMENT LAW ... (800) The Complaints and Correspondence Department 2261 S. E. 27th (617) 663-3176 (908) 552-3402 Aviva Life and Annuity Company of New York Regulatory Replacement Unit (617) 572-1571 Bev ...

Internal Revenue Bulletin: 2009-21 Internal Revenue Service

    The life insurance contract in B ’s hands was not property described in § 1221(a)(1)-(8), and was thus a capital asset in B ’s hands. Neither the surrender of a life insurance or annuity contract nor the receipt of a death benefit from the issuer under the terms of the contract produces a capital gain.

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