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Dispute Resolution 407 ETR

    Dispute Resolution 407 ETR's Commitment to Customer Service. Customer Service is a top priority at 407 ETR, both on and off the highway. In fact, we have invested millions of dollars to answer calls within 20 seconds, process account changes quickly and enhance online self-serve options.

Stop the 407 ETR\'s Abuse Of Power

    We have heard many stories in the media whereby 407 ETR incorrectly billed people due to 407 ETR’s equipment failure. Double billing, not recording the entrance or exit and misread plates seem to be the main issues with 407 ETR’s equipment.

Customer Service 407 ETR

    407 ETR regularly measures customer satisfaction using an independent survey company. These surveys continue to show satisfaction with 407 ETR customer service and help maintain and improve customer service. 407 ETR sends active customers an invoice each month to provide details of their travels and information about 407 ETR services.

The Evil Corporation Blog: 407 ETR Complaints

    Sep 16, 2011 · 407 ETR Complaints The 407 ETR gets 70-100 complaints about billing monthly, not to their office....but to the Ministry of Transportation. You are not alone. ... The 407 ETR explained that someone unknown to them accessed my banking information. I had never given the 407 authorization to use my bank account to pay anyone else's bill.

407 billing problems Stop The 407 ETR's Abuse Of Power

    Why 407 ETR is the Bee in My Bonnet is Part 1 of several videos that will be released that will explain why it is important to continue the initiative to “Stop 407 ETR’s Abuse of Power”. The next video will be titled “407 ETR Pass the Buck Game”. In the words of Lemony Snicket, […]

ETR 407 Express Toll Route Better Business Bureau® Profile

    See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. Better Business Bureau ... For billing purposes 407 ETR will rely on implied consent, such as by use of, or travel on, the roll route. By law, all ...

The Fixer: Anger over Hwy. 407 bills The Star

    Nov 09, 2009 · The Fixer: Anger over Hwy. 407 bills. By Jack ... with angry emails after we asked about 407 billing problems. ... every time I try to deal with the arrogance at 407 ETR," said Darko Mesich, who ...

Judge Orders Hwy. 407 To Pay Driver $50,000 In Punitive ...

    Nov 07, 2006 · The Liberals aren’t unaware of all the problems with the highway created by the Harris Tories during their years in power. They completed a review of the customer service complaints against the toll road and released the results of that probe last March. The major problems highlighted centered on Administration and Billing.

Customer Accounts 407 ETR

    Customer Accounts. 407 ETR knows that customers want to keep their accounts in good standing. As in any other company, the revenues from operations support the continued delivery of …

$1600 bill from 407 ETR - RedFlagDeals.com Forums

    May 07, 2010 · lobt wrote: ↑So my parents receive this bill for $1586.xx in accumulated interests from the 407 ETR. The interest accumulation dates back to 2002. This is the first time we have received the letter. The last time anyone in my family used the 407 was in 2002, and we have documents proving that we have settled the bill before.

The Fixer: 407 ETR’s toughest customer never stops ...

    Jan 13, 2012 · We tagged along with Tammy Flores and a group of people who went to the 407 ETR offices to talk to management about charges they disagree with. …

Ripoff Report > 407 Etr Review - Scarborough, Ontario

    Mar 30, 2009 · The 407 etr has some serious billing issues. For a private company to be above accountability is disgusting. Is it acceptable for this company to double bill, charge exhorbitant interest rates (borderline loansharking), and not be required have to …

Received a 407 bill in the mail today, even though I've ...

    My husband looked into it and found an MP (or MPP, can't remember) who was taking complaints on 407 billing tactics. I called the MP's office and explained my issue. The next day, I got a call from the office of the president of the 407 saying that my bill was cleared. This was all many years ago (2006, iirc).

Highway 407 Revisited Sandford Borins

    Dec 03, 2009 · Highway 407 Revisited Just as Highway 61 (running from New Orleans to Duluth, Minnesota) kept reappearing in Bob Dylan’s life, Highway 407 ETR keeps reappearing in mine. I co-authored a book about it six years ago (If You Build it … at www.407etrbook.com), and I get asked to comment on its ongoing controversies.

Ripoff Report > 407 ETR Review - Scarborough, Ontario

    Nov 27, 2006 · Earlier this year in a monumental court decision the 407 ETR was given the right to access and have vehicle licence plates denied by the Ministry of Transportation to collect their accounts which were outstanding (there have been previous class action lawsuits with …

407 Etr 441107

    Complaint / review text: The 407 etr has some serious billing issues. For a private company to be above accountability is disgusting. Is it acceptable for this company to double bill, charge exhorbitant interest rates (borderline loansharking), and not be required have to …

407 Etr - Complaints and Reviews

    The 407 etr has some serious billing issues. For a private company to be above accountability is disgusting. Is it acceptable for this company to double bill, charge exhorbitant interest rates (borderline loansharking), and not be required have to even acknowlege the possibilty of billing errors?


    represent a group called "Stop the 407 ETR's Abuse of Power". As noted in our public notice ... has a responsibility to pursue with respect to the billing practices of the 407 ErR and the 407 ... Consumer Services rather than Ministry of Transport) gathering information about these complaints and ...

Sorry, Wrong Number - The New York Times

    Mar 11, 2004 · The 407 ETR Concession Company, which was given a 99-year lease to operate the expressway in 1999, acknowledges that it makes billing mistakes. ... Highway 407 billing problems are …Author: Ian Austen

Minister rejects call to punish toll debtors - The Globe ...

    Jul 27, 2004 · Minister rejects call to punish toll debtors. ... Mr. Takhar said his ministry gets at least 50 complaints a month about 407 ETR billing problems -- up from an average of 30 a month last year ...

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