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    Pediatrics Scenarios Scenario 1 of 6: Chief Complaint: Term infant HPI: This is a 38-5/7 week gestational age male infant delivered four hours ago via an uncomplicated spontaneous vaginal delivery. Apgars were 8 and 9. Pregnancy was unremarkable. Mother has no significant medical hisotry and she had routine prenatal care.

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    The chief complaint, formally known as CC in the medical field, or termed presenting complaint (PC) in Europe and Canada, forms the second step of medical history taking. It is sometimes also referred to as reason for encounter (RFE), presenting problem, problem on admission or reason for presenting. [citation needed] The chief complaint is a concise statement describing the symptom, problem ...

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    Articles from Archives of Disease in Childhood are provided here courtesy of BMJ GroupAuthor: E Posner

E&M Documentation Requirements, Part 3: The Chief ...
    Jul 22, 2014 · If the patient has several complaints, document them in order of highest to lowest medical risk. ... The chief complaint, HPI, review of systems and past, family and social history all must be documented to support the level of E&M code you submit. ... 2020 Learn to Code Pediatrics and Strabismus 2020 Learn to Code: Complete Guide to Subspecialties

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    Jun 01, 2005 · The content of Chief complaints in pediatrics is organised so as to be useful to a clinician presented with a diagnostic puzzle. The table of contents takes us to a long (over 150) list of topics arranged in alphabetical order in the Main Index. All topics are “complaints”: symptoms, signs, or laboratory findings.Author: E Posner

Emergency Department Chief Complaints Among Children With ...
    Children with cancer have high emergency department (ED) utilization, but little is known about their chief complaints. A retrospective chart review of ED chief complaints for children with cancer (actively receiving therapy) at Riley Hospital for Children from January 2014 to December 2015 was performed.

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    Apr 15, 2011 · In this section you will find an approach to commonly encountered pediatric problems, organised by pediatric subspecialty. In many cases it is not the final diagnosis but an approach to the presentation at hand which is the most useful to successful diagnoses and managment.Author: Elmine

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    Nov 02, 2018 · Taking a case-based method, Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Chief Complaints and Differential Diagnosis is organized by chief grievance, utilizing actual affected person eventualities to assist the reader work by way of the inductive and deductive reasoning wanted to evaluate, consider, deal with, and disposition pediatric sufferers with pressing ...

The Prevalence of Bruising Among Infants in Pediatric ...
    Bruising can indicate abuse for infants. Bruise prevalence among infants in the Pediatric Emergency Department (PED) setting is unknown. Our objective was to determine prevalence of bruising, associated chief complaints (CC), and frequency of abuse evaluations in previously healthy infants presenting to …Cited by: 14

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    the future roles of chief complaints and ICD codes and their synergies in the final section of this chapter. 2. CHIEF COMPLAINTS The concept of a chief complaint is important in medicine. It is a statement of the reason that a patient seeks medical care.

    ddxof: is a compilation of cases based on real patients, each inspiring an algorithm for the evaluation and management of their chief complaint or diagnosis.

The Chief Complaint: An Evidence-Based Emergency Medicine App
    Jan 04, 2018 · But until recently, I didn’t realize they also made an evidence-based emergency medicine app called, The Chief Complaint (The CC). Boy, am I glad I found this app! The CC comes from Dr. Chris Feier, MD, PharmD, an emergency medicine doc at LA County and Keck School of Medicine of USC.5/5

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    Core EM is dedicated to bringing Emergency Providers all things core content Emergency Medicine. In the true spirit of Emergency Medicine our content is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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    Topics beginning with Chief Complaints were found in 5-Minute Clinical Consult. 5-Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC) app and website powered by Unbound Medicine helps you diagnose and manage 900+ medical conditions. Exclusive bonus features include Diagnosaurus DDx, 200 pediatrics …

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    Aug 28, 2018 · Taking a case-based approach, Pediatric Emergency Medicine: Chief Complaints and Differential Diagnosis is arranged by chief complaint, using real patient scenarios to help the reader work through the inductive and deductive reasoning needed to assess, evaluate, treat, and disposition pediatric patients with urgent complaints.5/5(1)

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    May 01, 2018 · Background: Asthma is one of the most common chief complaints for children presenting to the emergency department (ED) and has a mortality rate of three per every million children. The Center for Disease Control reported 1.6 million ED visits nationwide for asthma exacerbations in 2013. We know delays in treatment can lead to more refractory disease and subsequently worsen outcomes. An …Author: Jeffrey C. Naples, Michael J. Stoner, Samantha W. Gee

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    Feb 13, 2020 · ‎Children's Hospital Colorado faculty examine the latest treatment options for the most common chief complaints in pediatric medicine. We will talk about significant research and advances in pediatric medicine, the nuanced art of practicing pediatrics and everything in between.5/5

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    The study also grouped chief complaints by who took them and their level of education, i.e. medical students vs. attendings. A few trends were noted in the study. Medical students and office staff tended to give either overly long or overly short chief complaints, essentially, a bimodal distribution.

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