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SOM - Child Support Complaint Filing Information - Michigan,4669,7-192-29943_31467-247165--,00.html
    State of Michigan - The Child Support Division of the Attorney General's office investigates hundreds of felony non-support cases each year. To access the Attorney's General's Child Support Complaint form online, please click here and provide all information requested.

Michigan Attorney Child Support Complaint Form
    Child Support Complaint Detail: Please provide any additional relevant information in chronological order, including dates where possible. You have approximately 8-10 typed pages and you may paste text from word processing documents.

MDHHS - Online Complaint Form - Division of Child Welfare ...,5885,7-339-71551_27716_76094-82239--,00.html
    Online Complaint Form - Division of Child Welfare Licensing. It is important that you fill out the complaint form as complete as possible. Do not use the Printer Friendly button at the top of this page - clicking this button may cause you to lose any data you entered. If you want to print a copy of this form after you've completed it,...

AG - Child Support -,4534,7-359-82915_82919_34799---,00.html
    Since 2003, Michigan Attorney General’s Child Support Division has collected more than $285 million which has directly impacted the lives of 23,639 children. The mission of the Child Support Division is to enforce child support orders by prosecuting those individuals who have a history of non-payment and have significant arrearages of at least $5,000.

MDHHS - Forms and Publications -,5885,7-339-73971_5528_7115---,00.html
    Affidavit of Parentage - DCH-0682 When a child is born out of wedlock, parents can complete this form to voluntarily establish paternity (legal fatherhood) for their child. Child Support Response Form - e842 If you are receiving public assistance, complete this form …

AG - Complaints -,4534,7-359-82915_82919_86407---,00.html
    The Consumer Protection, Child Support, and Health Care Fraud Divisions of the Attorney General's office help consumers each year by mediating complaints that fall within our jurisdiction. Please refer to the Complaint Directory before submitting a complaint to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

Court Forms - Michigan district courts
    Numerical Index of Approved Friend of the Court Forms. ... (Child Support/Parenting Time) (two-part form) MCL 552.630(2), MCL 552.645(2) foc87: 6/18: ... and the Michigan Supreme Court will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the information available on the site.

MDHHS - Child Support -,5885,7-339-73971_5528---,00.html
    Child Support. Children need emotional and financial support from both parents. Even when a child's parents do not live together, it is important they work together to support and be a part of their child's life. Regular payment of child and medical support provides: Decreased conflict between parents. Increased involvement of the non-custodial parents.

Forms - Domestic Relations - Michigan Courts
    Dec 31, 2019 · Index of SCAO-Approved Forms for Use in Domestic Relations Matters. ... (Child Support/Parenting Time) (two-part form) ... and the Michigan Supreme Court will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from the use of the information available on the site.

MDHHS - Enforcing Support -,5885,7-339-73971_5528_61204_29251---,00.html
    Under income withholding, child support and medical support payments are deducted from the non-custodial parent's paycheck. The employer sends the support payments directly to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU). Federal and state laws require employers to honor income withholding orders. A parent's income...

Friend of Court Online Forms GENERAL FORMSDirect Deposit ...
    Friend of Court Online Forms GENERAL FORMSDirect Deposit AuthorizationCopy Request Form to request a copy of a document previously placed in your file subject to a charge of 1.00 per pageInformation Request to request pay history prior to 2003.

    support. Parents who pay or receive child support have the right to ask for a review of the support amount. Michigan law allows a support review if either parent’s financial circumstances change. Further, even without a change in financial circumstances, the friend of the court (FOC) office must review the support amount once every 36

Forms - Third Judicial Circuit of Michigan
    FD-FOC 4129 Child Support Disclosure Form - Civil: FD-FOC 4128 Child Support Disclosure Form - Criminal: FD-FOC 4127 Discharge of State Owed Arrears: FD-FOC 4156 Tax Intercept - Injured Spouse Claim or Waiver Form: FD-FOC 4200 Motion to Adjust Arrears Upon Completion of Payment Plan: FD-FOC 4124 Motion to Address General Financial Issues

Forms -
    Send the completed form to the Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) by mail or by fax at the location and/or fax number listed on the form. Individual Forms Direct Deposit Application

Michigan Child Support Forms Sole Custody US Legal Forms
    Child Support in Michigan. The guidelines for child support in Michigan are court ordered that indicates which parent will be responsible for child support payments. The obligation to pay child support can continue until the child is 18 years of age, but can continue till 19, if the child is still attending high school and live full-time with ...

Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) > Home Page
    Welcome to the new Michigan State Disbursement Unit (MiSDU) Website. MiSDU is part of the Child Support System for the State of Michigan. Use this site for information about the MiSDU and how it will affect you by reading the "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQs).

Child Support Complaint Form - Jackson County, Michigan
    Jackson County Friend of the Court . 1697 Lansing Avenue . Jackson, Michigan 49202 . Phone: (517) 788-4470 / Fax: (517) 788-4683 . Child Support Complaint Form

FOC 89, Order Regarding Custody and Parenting Time
    The Uniform Child Support Order is incorporated by reference (form FOC 10/52).15. 16. Except as provided in item 17, neither parent shall exercise parenting time in a foreign country/nation that is not a party ... The support provisions ordered do not follow the Michigan Child Support court. FOC 89, Order Regarding Custody and Parenting Time ...

Child Support - Allegan County, Michigan
    If you are not receiving your court ordered child support payments, and you would like to have the Friend of the Court take appropriate action on your case, you can do so by filling out the Non-Pay Child Support Complaint form below under "Resources".

    SUPPORT COMPLAINT FORM GENESEE COUNTY FRIEND OF THE COURT CASE NUMBER The Friend of the Court can only enforce support per your court order. If you want the support amount to change, please fill out a child support modification request or file a motion for support with the court.

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