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How can I file a complaint about my local child support ...
    Take a look at our state child support contact map for contact information. The state child support website can provide additional information about its specific process for filing a complaint. The state child support website can provide additional information about its specific process for filing a complaint.

Customer Relations – Child Support Services
    The complaint may be about actions taken or not taken by the Child Support Services Department (CSSD). Some examples of issues that may be the subject of a complaint are: opening or not opening a case; closing or not closing a case; collecting or not collecting child support; and disputes over the amount of child support arrears owed.

Customer Relations CA Child Support Services
    Your local child support agency can resolve complaints about: Customer service; Timeliness of service; Payment and billing problems; Decisions to close a child support case; Your local agency cannot resolve complaints regarding actions taken by the court. These would be things like: The amount of a child support order; Custody; Visitation; Spousal support orders

How to File a Complaint Against Child Support Services in ...
    Mar 29, 2019 · The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and its 51 Local Child Support Agencies (LCSAs) are responsible for enforcing court orders for financial and medical support payments to children and families. Whether you are a custodial party or non-custodial parent,...

Filing a child support complaint - Wisconsin Department of ...
    Complaints Against your Child Support Agency. Parents who receive child support services have a right to file a written complaint to have their case reviewed if they believe the child support agency did not take a mandatory action on their case. To begin the complaint process, you will need to fill out a Complaint Form and submit it to the ...

Contact Us Department of Human Services
    Complaints About County Child Welfare Practice - A complaint about Colorado county child welfare practice or a 24-hour facility licensed by the Division of Child Welfare should be sent to CDHS. Fill out the form attached to the bottom of this page or contact Client Services .

Child Support Client Feedback -
    Child Support Client Feedback. Do you feel you need to file a complaint with us regarding child support services you have received? The Department of Human Services (DHS) administers the Child Support Program. The services are provided through local district attorneys, DHS staff and private agencies under contract with the state.

CA Child Support Services
    Having a case with Child Support Services creates a record of all child support payments, provides a neutral go-between for parents, and can help both parents avoid court and assist with navigating the child support system. Child Support Services staff act in the public interest and do not represent either side of a child support case.

Complaints and feedback - Services Australia
    DHS Complaints and Feedback Reply Paid 7800 Canberra BC ACT 2610 Child Support Child Support Complaints and Feedback Reply Paid 9815 Melbourne, Vic 3001. Please keep in mind, if you provide feedback or complaints to us in writing, it may take us longer to respond. What we need from you. Please be clear, factual, and tell us the outcome you would like.

Florida Child Support eServices
    If you do not have an open active child support case with the Florida Child Support Program, you can apply for child support services online through eServices. Applying online will also give you access to use eService when your case is opened and active; You can save your application for up to 30 days before you submit it

Child Support Contacts -
    Child Support Office Shelby County Child Support Services 3915 South Mendenhall Road Memphis, TN 38115 Directions Phone: (901) 432-6800 Fax: (901) 432-6701 Shelby County Child Support Assistance Phone: (901) 432-6700. Back to top. 31st JUDICIAL DISTRICT Serving: Van Buren and Warren Counties. [email protected]. Child Support Office ...

Child Support Forms Office of the Attorney General
    All child support forms are categorized and linked below as downloadable files. Select the category you need to see the corresponding forms. Paternity. Military. Paying or Receiving Child Support. Safety. Child Support Administrative Review. Child Support Enforcement.

>Submit a Comment or Complaint Child Support Missouri ...
    Submit a Comment or Complaint As an individual served by the Missouri Family Support Division’s (FSD’s) Child Support program, you have the right to: Receive services without discrimination, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, family background, sexual orientation or disability;

Contact Us - San Diego County, California
    Click here for more information about the Ombudsperson Program. Complaints about court services cannot be resolved by the local child support agency. See the Family Law Facilitator at the courthouse, an advocate, or a lawyer for help in resolving these issues.

Complaints About County Child Welfare Services Agencies
    Complaints About County Child Welfare Services Agencies Complaints about county agencies in California that provide CWS should be sent to the Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman (FCO). A letter can be written to the FCO specifically describing the CWS issues involved, why it is felt that the county agency handled the situation inappropriately ...

Need Help With Your Case? Office of Child Support ...
    Jan 31, 2019 · If you want to submit a formal complaint, ask your state child support agency about their process for customer service issues. You’ll find the state’s contact information and website on our state child support map. The state website may have helpful information or have a complaint form available.

MDHHS - Complaints,5885,7-339-71551_27716_76094_58021---,00.html
    Appropriate Complaints A complaint must allege violations of the facility's governing act and rules or for a child caring institution or a child placing agency, of the terms of their contract with DHHS. To review a facility's governing act or rules prior to making a complaint, go to: Child caring institutions - Licensing Rules for Child Caring ...

Colorado Child Support Services Program, Setting Up Child ...
    The Child Support Services Program oversees child support in Colorado. Individual child support orders are managed by Colorado's 64 county child support offices. These offices handle all services connected to the orders set up in their counties and can answer questions about your situation.

NYS DCSS New York Child Support
    Child Support Videos. Our child support videos open automatically in Windows Media player; click the video title to start. If you need to install the Windows Media player, you can download it from the Microsoft Downloads site. What You Need to Know about Child Support Hearings and Services…

Oklahoma Child Support Services - Secure Customer ...
    This site is for customers with Okdhs child support cases. Once you have signed on, several features are available to you. The most notable is your ability to view payment information for child support cases with a court order entered on the OCSS computer system.

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