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Filing a Consumer Complaint USAGov

    Steps to File a Complaint Against a Company. If you have problems with an item or service you purchased, you have the right to complain. Start your complaint with the seller or manufacturer. If they don't help, seek help from your local government or a consumer organization. Use these steps to get started. 1. Collect Supporting Documents

Have a complaint or need help?

    Have a complaint or need help? If you have a problem with a claim or your premium, call your insurance company or HMO first. If you can't work out the issue, the Texas Department of Insurance may be able to help. Even if you file a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance, you should also file a complaint or appeal through your ...

Got a complaint? Here's how to get a travel company's ...

    If you have a consumer complaint and the company is being dismissive, maybe it’s time to adjust your approach. Consider another strategy or shift to a different channel. And remember, you can always take your grievance to social media. Or to my consumer advocacy site. Ideally, companies would answer every complaint promptly and politely.

How to get a travel company to respond to your complaint ...

    Feb 06, 2020 · If you have a consumer complaint and the company is being dismissive, maybe it’s time to adjust your approach. Consider another strategy or shift to a …

How to File a Complaint FTC Consumer Information

    Complaints help the FTC and other law enforcement agencies bring scam artists to justice and put an end to unfair and misleading business practices. If you have a complaint, file it online or call 1-877-FTC-HELP.

4 Ways to Write a Complaint Letter to a Company - wikiHow

    Nov 08, 2019 · How to Write a Complaint Letter to a Company. Writing a letter of complaint is something most people have to do at some point in their lives. This wikiHow will show you how to write a complaint letter to a company. === …Author: wikiHow Staff

Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company State of ...

    Consumer Complaint Against A Business/Company If you prefer to contact us by regular mail or have copies of documents to submit in support of your comments, download this form , …

How to file a complaint (grievance) Medicare

    A complaint is about the quality of care you got or are getting. For example, you can file a complaint if you have a problem calling the plan, or you're unhappy with how a staff person at the plan treated you. You file an appeal if you have an issue with a plan's refusal to cover a service, supply, or prescription. Learn more about appeals.

Complaint - California

    For billing, service and other complaint, your first step is to contact the company directly. To contact an electric, gas, telephone, or water utility, use the customer service phone number printed on the front page of your bill. Be sure to have a complete copy of your bill in front of you.

Get help with a home insurance complaint

    Public adjusters work for you, not the insurance company. They charge for their services. Before you hire a public adjuster, make sure you understand what you’ll have to pay. Public adjusters must have a TDI license. To learn if a public adjuster is licensed, call our Help Line at 800-252-3439. Step 3: File a complaint with us.

IDOI: Complaints - Indiana

    Your complaint along with a letter from the IDOI is mailed to the insurance company the complaint is against. By Indiana law, the insurance company has 20 business days to respond in writing back to the IDOI. After receipt of the response, the IDOI will send you a copy of the company's response along with our response or recommendation.

Filing an Informal Complaint Federal Communications ...

    The Federal Communications Commission gives consumers the opportunity to file informal complaints about problems with the communications services that the FCC regulates. Complaints can be filed through the FCC's Consumer Complaint Center, which educates consumers about communications issues and guides them through the complaint process.

Submit a complaint Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    You’ll need the dates, amounts, and other details about your complaint. If you have documents you want to include, such as billing statements or letters from the company, you’ll be able to attach them in Step 3. Make sure to include all the information you can, because you generally can’t submit a second complaint about the same problem.

Company - FTC Complaint Assistant

    Name of company/individual: Do you have any other information about them (phone number, website, etc.)? Indicate if you have any information about the subject of your complaint, such as name, address, phone number, email address, website, etc.

3 Ways to File a Complaint Against Your HOA Management …

    Sep 30, 2019 · How to File a Complaint Against Your HOA Management Company. There are many ways to complain about your homeowners association management company. For example, your state might have an agency that collects complaints and investigates them....

- FTC Complaint Assistant

    If you have a complaint about how a company is handling your personal information, click privacy concerns. Rip-offs and Imposter Scams Click a subcategory below to begin filing your complaint. Imposter Scams: Someone pretending to be a well-known business, a family ...

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