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Virginia DEQ - Environmental and Pollution Complaints

    Environmental and Pollution Complaints If you would like to report a suspected violation of state environmental law, please contact our Pollution Response Program (PReP) team. Instructions for making a report are located on the Pollution Response & Preparedness page, along with phone numbers and an online reporting option .

An Evaluation of Alternative Approaches to ... - Virginia DEQ

    in an odor panel detects a difference in a mixture of 100 milliliters of clean air to 1 milliliter of odorous air, the odorous air would be rated at 100 OU. If the difference was detected when 200 milliliters of clean air was mixed with 1 milliliter of odorous air, the odorous air would be rated at 200 OU.

PowerPoint Presentation

    Odor Guidance. Developed by Odor Workgroup convened in 2017. Outlines steps for DEQ and Facility in response to Initial & On-going Odor Complaints. Provides considerations for terminating a compliance order. 11. Comments were received from stakeholders including DEQ leadership team. Edits will be made based on those comments

DEQ hears landfill neighbors' complaints in Campbell ...

    Robert Day, of Calohan Road, said DEQ is either not paying attention to odor complaints or doesn't care. "Based on the volume of complaints, you don't care," he said.

Formulario de queja DEQ

    Frecuencia del olor ¿Con qué frecuencia huele el olor? Esta es la primera vez Diariamente 2-6 veces/semana Semanal Mensual Duracion del olor ¿Cuánto tiempo duró este olor? No lo sé Menos de 1 hora 1-6 horas 6-12 horas Más de 12 horas Intensidad del olor

Editorial: DEQ rubberstamps K.G. landfill expansion ...

    Richard Doucette, DEQ’s land protection and revitalization program manager, agreed that the number of complaints made it incumbent upon Waste Management to deal with the problem.

Final Order for Stafford County reagrding ... - Virginia DEQ

    2002-N-0747) on April 29, 2002 for possible water impacts and odor complaints from biosolids application, DEQ conducted several site inspections in April, July, September and ... Final Order for Stafford County reagrding the Stafford Regional Airport Access Road Project Author: Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Keywords:

Virginia DEQ - The Virginia Department of Environmental ...

    Virginia’s Reported Recycling Rate Reaches Record High DEQ's Annual Recycling Summary Report shows an overall rate of 46 percent in 2018 – a historic high recycling rate for reporting localities in the commonwealth despite market challenges.

State of Oregon: Get Involved - File a Pollution Complaint

    DEQ's complaint intake hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may request that your personal information be kept confidential. If you can’t leave a message, please call DEQ’s Main Reception during business hours at 503-229-5696.

‘It smacks you right in the face:’ What’s that smell in ...

    While the landfill has been cited in the past by DEQ, they were for non-odor related issues. “There is no ongoing noncompliance issues with odors from the facility,” said Steers.

Odor Control Plan & Procedures :: SPSA

    Sulfides produce a rotten egg smell, and ammonia produces a pungent odor that you may recognize from household cleaners. Humans are able to detect the smell of hydrogen sulfide at very low levels. For more information, see Virginia DEQ’s Landfill Gases and Odors Fact Sheet. VIRGINIA DEQ'S LANDFILL GASES AND ODORS FACT SHEET


    constructed a number of odor control strategies, and DEQ has worked closely with the Authority to evaluate their effectiveness. As part of this evaluation, DEQ maintains an odor complaint log for the landfill. As a result of the Authority's odor mitigation efforts, DEQ has documented an 85% reduction in odor complaints in 2017 when compared to ...

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall View Guidance Document

    Virginia Regulatory Town Hall View Guidance Document ... This new guidance document establishes standard procedures for DEQ staff and solid waste facility operators to follow in response to odor complaints to ensure the protection of human health and the environment.

Nuisance Odor Strategy Changes - Oregon

    DEQ drafted a strategy based on existing regulations for odor complaints from permitted facilities. Between May and July 2013, DEQ gathered public input on the nuisance strategy, carefully considered the input received and made many revisions as needed to complete the final nuisance odor strategy.

State of Oregon: Air Quality - Nuisance Odor

    Nuisance odor strategy. State laws prohibit businesses from emitting odors which cause a nuisance. DEQ is responsible for implementing those laws. To help us in that effort, DEQ has developed a strategy for responding to odor complaints. The strategy emphasizes early odor detection, voluntary cooperation and the rapid resolution...

DEQ Regulatory Update - swanava.org

    The guidance has gone through the odor workgroup review and internal review and is now in the public participation stage. The guidance will be published in the Oct 14 Virginia register and published on town hall with the comment period ending on Nov 12.

COMMONWEALTH of VIRGINIA David K. Paylor Robert J. Weld ...

    facility documented 29 odor complaints in August, 37 complaints in September, 57 complaints in October and 113 complaints in November. Mr. Arthur continues to follow up on odor complaints. The facility provided a written summary of odor control measures to DEQ, dated August 11, 2015. Measures were reviewed with Mr. Arthur.

Raising Concerns - richmondmagazine.com

    Dec 03, 2018 · Between Feb. 3 and April 24, Donald says, she experienced 21 instances in which she smelled odors. She submitted an online complaint to the Department of Environmental Quality outlining her concerns. Donald, who lives in the city about 2 miles from the landfill,...

Department of Environmental Quality - Commonwealth of Virginia

    The Department Environmental Quality (DEQ) administers state and federal laws and regulations for air quality, water quality, water supply and land protection. In addition, other programs cover a variety of environmental activities, such as improving the ability of businesses and local governments to protect the environment and prevent pollution.

Wilmington’s ‘cat urine’ smell still lingers, DEQ says ...

    Jul 11, 2018 · Wilmington’s ‘cat urine’ smell still lingers, DEQ says company responsible is not in violation. Though the DEQ has received 19 odor-related complaints in Wilmington so far this year, the department said Fortron Industries, the chemical company linked to the odors, has not breached any state odor regulations.

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