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Ripoff Report > Zeekler Review - Lexington, North Carolina

    They were recruited by fellow countrymen here in US. When this company is collapsing they have no chance to get any legal help. The payments (if any) are delayed to avoid any cash out of panic. I think the crash is coming before the government stops the penny auction business.

ZeekRewards scam leaves N.C. town millions poorer

    Mar 30, 2013 · Feds had received complaints about ZeekRewards, waited months to shut down Ponzi scheme. ... Burks started Zeekler in early 2010 as an online penny auction site. …

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    13. In 2010, Burks created Zeekler.com, a penny auction website offering items ranging from personal electronics to cash. Penny auctions require participants to pay a non-refundable fee to purchase and place each incremental bid (typically one cent) on merchandise …

Penny Auction Reviews – Real Reviews of Penny Auction Sites

    Keep in mind that many of the negative penny auction reviews come from people who simply do not understand how penny auctions work and do not realize that they can lose money. They are the first to claim that a certain penny auction site is a scam when in reality they did not understand the fundamentals of penny auctions.

Fraud still rampant in Zeekler’s penny auctions? - BehindMLM

    Mar 30, 2012 · HOW TO MAKE ZEEKLER A LEGITIMATE PENNY AUCTION OVERNIGHT. If Zeek Rewards got rid of the matching points requirement, the penny auction would look a little more like a normal one because bid inflation goes away (the problem then is just a small number of items being auctioned relative to bids in circulation).

Zeek Rewards Review: SPAM, Penny Auctions & MLM

    Sep 21, 2011 · 150 Comments on “Zeek Rewards Review: SPAM, Penny Auctions & MLM” ... Members who take the time to submit an advertisement once per day for the Zeekler penny auction site, are “rewarded” with a portion of the companies daily profits. ... The penny auction has been down for as much as a full day the past 2 weeks, with downtime almost ...

Ripoff Report > Rex Venture Group LLC Review - , Internet

    Aug 27, 2012 · Ripoff Report on: Rex Venture Group LLC - Rex venture group llc zeeklercom or zeekrewardscom pyramid scheme multilevel networking marketing fraud internet ... The few complaints I have seen are the result of simply misunderstanding the business. ... With Zeekler.com penny auction within the top 1300 websites on the planet, the affiliate ...

SEC Complaint: Dawn Wright-Olivares and Daniel Olivares

    14. In 2010, Wright-Olivares, Burks and others created Zeekler.com, a penny auction website offering items ranging from personal electronics to cash. Penny auctions require participants to pay a non-refundable fee (typically $.50 to $1.00) to purchase and place each incremental bid (typically one cent) on merchandise sold via auction.

Zeekler.com, a popular penny auction website based in NC ...

    Aug 16, 2012 · Zeekler.com is a penny auction website, where buyers use "penny bids" to run their luck on products like Apple iPads, Walmart gift cards, televisions and other retail items.

Zeekler.com, penny auction site, closes headquarters in ...

    Aug 17, 2012 · Rex Venture Group, which operates the online penny auction site Zeekler.com and affiliates program Zeek Rewards, has closed its headquarters for the remainder of the week for undisclosed reasons.

Is ZeekRewards.com A Scam?

    It flips the penny auction model on it's head by actually sharing a portionof it's profits from the Zeekler sites to Zeek Rewards members. The amount it shares is based on your membership level. This is a smart business model because it probably helps pay for the merchandise they auction which means less money coming out the pocket of the penny ...

Is Zeek Rewards (Zeekler) a Scam? FRAUD UPDATE: SEC …

    / Is Zeek Rewards (Zeekler) a Scam? FRAUD UPDATE: SEC SHUTDOWN! Is Zeek Rewards (Zeekler) a Scam? FRAUD UPDATE: SEC SHUTDOWN! ... and Ripoff Reports have documented many of the complaints. ... and then there was Zeekler.com, the penny auction site. The scheme operated by the affiliates paying a fixed fee for the rights to promote and then made ...

Zeek closes headquarters in Lexington myfox8.com

    Aug 17, 2012 · LEXINGTON, N.C. — The company behind the penny auction website Zeekler.com and Zeek Rewards has closed its headquarters in Lexington as the U.S. Secret Service, North Carolina Attorney General ...

Zeek Rewards and Zeekler.com shut down WQAD.com

    Aug 17, 2012 · — The company behind the penny auction website Zeekler.com and Zeek Rewards has closed its headquarters in Lexington. ... At least 39 complaints …

Feds: Lexington penny auction site was $600M Ponzi scheme

    Aug 17, 2012 · The Securities and Exchange Commission shut down a penny auction website Friday after accusing its Lexington-based owner with running a $600 million Ponzi scheme.

ZEEK REWARDS Nationwide Judgment Recovery, Inc.

    Before being shut down as a Ponzi Scheme by the SEC, Zeek Rewards ran an international online penny auction site under the name Zeekler. Investors brought into the scheme was promised daily returns as high as 1.5%, all they had to do was put in their money and perform a few tasks such as bringing in new customers and giving away “bids” to ...

5 ZEEKLER Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer

    ZEEKLER Reviews and Complaints Follow ? ... Zeekler is the penny auction. Zeek Rewards is the advertising site where you earn money. When you pay, you are purchasing sample bids. You are buying these bids to give away to people. Giving free bids away is part of the job. ... Contact Pissed Consumer Write a review about ZEEKLER.

ZeekRewards.com Reviews - Legit or Scam?

    ZeekRewards.com Reviews – Legit or Scam? ... ZeekRewards gives you the opportunity to share in the profits of their penny auction site, Zeekler.com. ... Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints. Average Rating for " Zeek Rewards " is 3.57 out of 5 based on 7 reviews. Dan T McGinty. March 18, 2019 at 5:00 pm ...3.6/5(7)

Zeekler Penny Auctions!

    The parent company has been around for fifteen years, that's pretty long for an on-line business. They started Zeek Rewards and Zeekler within the last couple years. Zeekler is the penny auction site that affiliates drive customers too.The site is fast paced. One of the ways affiliates drive customers to Zeekler is by giving out free bids.

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