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HP 49G FAQ - hpcalc.org

    Considering the HP49G was announced only a year and a half after the forming of the ACO, there was a relatively short wait for the 49, which is basically a redesigned HP48. I think most people will agree that it's best that the HP49G came out after a short time rather than waiting two more years for …

Amazon.com : Hewlett Packard 49G+ Graphing Calculator ...

    Mar 31, 2005 · I have bought two 49g+ calcs. My first one was stolen and curiously enough I had no complaints about it. The second one had a pronounced flicker problem and the keyboard was less responsive. A few days ago when I did the upgrade to rom 1.23, the sd card port simply stopped working, now I cannot read my cards or make a backup on them.3.5/5(88)

Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Hewlett Packard 49G ...

    Dec 28, 2004 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hewlett Packard 49G+ Graphing Calculator at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.3.1/5(88)

HP49G is a reality - Slashdot

    gleam writes "HP announced, fairly quietly, a new calculator--the HP49G. It is essentially an upgrade to the 48G, with a higher contrast screen at the same resolution and the same processor but a much better OS. It will also have 512kb ram, 1mb flash system rom, and 1mb user ROM. Check out the ful...1/5(173)

A C Compiler For The HP49g+ - Slashdot

    Cheese Source writes "As previously mentioned on Slashdot, HP's latest and greatest calculator is the HP49g+. While it sports a very powerful (for a calculator) ARM9 cpu, it is only 3 times the speed of the 49g, running at 4MHz. This is because it has to emulate an older processor. Of course, some calculator geeks are now writing adapting a free, open-source C compiler for it.4/5(194)

hp49g+ manual - I can't believe it!

    hp49g+ manual - I can't believe it! Message #1 Posted by Frank B. (Germany) on 29 Sept 2003, 3:16 p.m.. Hi, got my new HP49g+ calculator last week. There have been lot's of discussions about keyboard, speed etc. at comp.sys.hp48, so I don't want to comment on these.

Upgraded 49g+ upcoming? - Google Groups

    Jan 31, 2006 · Eduardo's sighting of an hp49g+ with *both* USB and RS232, and let the speculation begin! :-) Or was that only a special "Teracher's Model" in which the port that *looks* like a serial port is really merely a video port for connection to an LCD panel? I hope not, since overhead projectors are rapidly going the way of typewriters.

your opinion of the HP49G

    Re: your opinion of the HP49G Message #2 Posted by Vassilis Prevelakis on 19 Aug 2005, 11:04 p.m., in response to message #1 by NA. You want to start a flame war? OK, I think it sucks. Its too big, the enter key is too small, it has RPL instead of RPN.

TI Graphing Calculator FAQ: TI-89 family vs. HP48/49G series

    HP highlights the HP49G's advantages over the TI-89 in this file. Steen Schmidt compared the TI-89 and HP49G with a stopwatch. He admits to a slight bias, but the numbers do speak for themselves. Tim Wessman wrote a comparison of the TI-89 and HP49G, it's available as a pdf file or an html file.

HP-GCC / List hpgcc-devel Archives

    I searched a couple days but have only found one for posix systems, except that it uses gui. I posted experimental text <-> 85p/86p code in Ti groups, but no one commented, so I switched. I know there are HP49G+ typing programs, and it would be useful to have a …

At the May 12th "Open HP ‘99" meeting in Paris, the ACO ...

    The HP49G. At the May 21 st "Open HP ‘99" meeting in Paris, the ACO group of HP announced the HP49G, a successor to the HP48-series machines. This unit is definitely a departure from the norm for HP, but perhaps they need such a departure in order to maintain a market share which no-doubt is decreasing in 1999, with six years gone since a new ...

Why is x86 called otherwise disastrous X86 architecture ...

    May 03, 2017 · why is x86 called "otherwise disastrous X86 architecture" and doex x64 improve? why is x86 called "otherwise disastrous X86 architecture" and doex x64...

HP Releases New RPN Scientific Calculator - Slashdot

    There's been some complaints on the HP newsgroup about a near invisible decimal dot in the display, IIRC. Something to look out for. And people, this isn't a replacement for the graphing calculators, it's meant to be a competent calculator for people who don't need graphing, and it can be used on tests where the HP49G+ and such are often forbidden.2/5(402)


    One of the major complaints about the original hp 38g was its memory - mainly the lack of it at only 23Kb, but also the inability to easily control or manage it. This problem has been addressed on the hp 39gs and hp 40gs in two ways.

CONSOUL CARE - Apps on Google Play

    May 27, 2018 · Consoul Care ! Hi this is an app for customers sales and services of our Electrical panels. We happy to help to our customers. 1- Customer can send us Immediate Enquiry and get the Offer within 48 hours by using ENQUIRY US. 2- Customer can request us service and commissioning requirement by using SERVICE REQUEST FORM. 3- Engineers can submit their attended services and complaints …Operating System: ANDROID

Hewlett Packard 49G+ Graphing Calculator: Amazon.ca ...

    Aug 15, 2012 · I have bought two 49g+ calcs. My first one was stolen and curiously enough I had no complaints about it. The second one had a pronounced flicker problem and the keyboard was less responsive. A few days ago when I did the upgrade to rom 1.23, the sd card port simply stopped working, now I cannot read my cards or make a backup on them.3.1/5(88)

48/49: Best Fraction Challenge - Google Groups

    Oct 26, 2003 · On my old hp49g it runs in about 6 seconds even for the "evil" ones. Best regards Gjemund Skailand. main program « 1. CF 2. CF DUP MANT 100000000000. * OVER XPON 11. SWAP - ALOG DUP2 GCD ROT OVER / UNROT / ROT 1. 0. 0. 1. Q R ZB ZQ1 ZR1 ZQ0 ZR0 « DO Q R IDIV2 R 'Q' STO 'R' STO DUP IF 1. - DUP FTRUE THEN OVER F * OVER F * IF S

RFM - Read the Fascinating Manual AcronymAttic

    What does RFM stand for? RFM stands for Read the Fascinating Manual. Advertisement: ... hp49g+ bug? Combinations, sums, and equivalence Message #1 Posted by Eddie Shore on 15 Mar 2005, ... Most complaints from the compiler can be solved by reading the book. Index:

South Park Creators Have A New Film - Slashdot

    South Park Creators Have A New Film 446 Posted by michael on Sunday August 22, 2004 @03:04AM from the they-killed-kenny dept. Vince C writes "Trey Parker …3/5(446)

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Reviews: March 2010

    Texas Instruments BA II Plus Reviews Save more on Texas Instruments BA II Plus, Save on Texas Instruments BA II Plus. ... No complaints except the extra zero keys are a little hard to get used to.Get more detail ... if you need more power then the 35 is superior, no doubt about it. In fact, I am about to sell my HP49G because the 35 makes its ...

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